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Hi Everybody

My given name is Honey and I help people connect to their soul or higher self. My own soul connection has taught me many things over the years. I've been able to access hidden history, past lives, emotional issues and more for myself and others. The more I get to know my soul the more magical and simple life becomes. 

As a child I had an NDE which introduced me to angels and ended any fear I had of death in this life. 

This has manifested a life that is in flow, where I can guide others through releasing their own trauma from all levels of existence. From Soul's Shadows, to Inner Child trauma we are capable of letting it all go and being unencumbered as we manifest beautiful fulfilling lives. 

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My Story

     The journey of the last eight years communicating with my soul or higher self has been the most significant thing in my own awakening. Most of my life has been intuitive but to be able to talk directly to my soul and ask questions has been the most helpful experience of my life. 

      Right before my 8th birthday I had a near death experience that taught me not to be afraid of death. And that we are all protected and have many guides who are helping us. So when I began to learn to speak to my soul directly and then went through the Death of Ego the clarity of the messages grew, and it's still deepening. 

     During this time of ascension my journey has been to share what my soul lets me know is for the collective. And to operate in the highest good of humanity as I go through my own growth and changes in frequency. 

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