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Honey's Recommendations

The following healers, teachers, creators, and products are all recommended by Honey C Golden.



My name is Anya Lily. I am an older soul in a younger person's body. I started off as a tarot card reader / psychic medium in 2017. Since then I have deeply developed my abilities, I now offer; multidimensional healing sessions, regression, hypnotherapy, reprogramming, mind body & soul alignment, past life, entity removals & clearings, soul attunement sessions, higher self readings, channelling with ET’s & more. Take a look at the services available for more information.



I am certified in meditation, psychic mediumship, tarot, reiki healing, and channeling. I specialize in hypnotherapy past life regression and inner child healing. You can work with me here.



Amelia's info coming soon!



I am here in service of the light as a lightworker and DNA activator. I offer many types of sessions as well as practitioner training courses. I enjoy making shamanic products, vibrational therapy cards, sprays, oils, and candles for ascension support. You can purchase some of my offerings here.



Hey everyone! I’m Whit! An Empowerment Guide with a camp counselor vibe that believes our moment to moment choices are our creations. I’ve spent over 30 years engaging in my own inner work and continue to do so to embody my most authentic and empowered self. I love including play in the activities and tools I provide to assist you on your own self empowerment journey because going within can be fun and joyful and actually helps speed up the embodiment process! If my heart-centered, joyful frequency resonates with you, feel free to check out my website here. Love to you!

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Abby is a spiritual teacher, a bestselling author and healer who provides a structure to support you as you do your deep, inner work.  Visit her website to find online group sessions, self-paced healing programmes, downloadable healing sessions and so much more.



I first began reading tarot cards in the mid-90s, but only did readings for friends and family until I lost my career as an English teacher due to my refusal to be vaccinated against Covid. I began my professional career in October of 2022 by launching the YouTube channel Intuitive Insights and Tarot by Scott which really took off after being endorsed by Tarot by Janine aka Janine Morigeau. 

My fee is $75 for up to an hour and a half. I use zoom and make a recording for you as well.

If you are interested in booking a session, please go to my website.



If you are looking for a deep transformational shift, clarity, and serious energetic movement into higher consciousness these sessions are for you.  We will be targeting root beliefs and constructs, looking deeply at what is preventing the true you from being in its fullest expression and following your passion and joy to higher levels of ascension and what you want to create in your human experience.  

Visit Z's website for more information.

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