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DIY Organic Skin Care with Sophia

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Hi, I’m Sophia and I teach people how to live a non-toxic life. Starting here with skin care. Did you know what you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat? You will learn the basics of what to look for when buying products, how certain ingredients react with you, and how to make amazing skin care at home. When I realized I was putting toxic products on my baby I set out to research and make the best skin care I could. Most companies are not being authentic about what they say and what’s in their products. I researched and worked on my products for 2 years. We only make small batches now while helping families live a non-toxic life, but I can share with you what I learned and how to make a product from ingredients you probably have at home which will be amazing for your skin and your insides… Plus a lot of non-toxic living info along the way. You will learn to make 5 amazing organic and natural products saving you $100’s buying retail and you can be sure they won’t hurt you or your family's health. In this workshop you will learn to make: Serum Breakup Make Up balm Body Butter Lip Balm Deodorant




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