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Joining the Conversation: Intro to Social Media

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Joining the Conversation: Leveraging Social Media to Get Your Voice Out There A Beginners Course for Getting Started Online This class is more than just how to operate the various social media tools. The focus is to provide you with the information you need to build confidence in yourself and the areas that you want to communicate about as well as identify other like-minded individuals and groups and then connect with them to build a community. These skills are important based on how social media works today and are highly transferable into a completely uncensored 5D world. This class is intended for people who have dabbled in social media and want to learn how to create a social media presence. If you are looking to find your voice or learn how to connect with other like-minded people on social media so you can create strong communities with people from across the globe, this class is for you. Course Requirements -A basic understanding of social media -A positive attitude! -A laptop is ideal, but a phone or tablet will suffice to follow along as well This class will cover: Part 1 -Identifying Your Motivations -Finding Your Voice -Identifying and Reaching Your Tribe Part 2 -The Best Platforms to Start With -How Best to Leverage Each Platform Part 3 -A Simple Yet Effective Plan for Getting Started About Your Instructor, Julie -20+ years in High-Tech marketing (Fortune 500 & Start-ups) -Extensive social media experience both personally and professionally




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