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Journey to You with Honey (an ongoing subscription)


On our journey through life, we accumulate ideas, limiting beliefs, sorrows, feelings we don't understand, illnesses, and challenges that can be released by finding the right spot to pull or cut a cord. We have a beautiful receiver called the mind that has replaced the heart when it comes to making choices. That's beginning to change. The Journey to You subscription is a tool that will help you find those points, break those contracts, and neutralize the programming that has been covering up the real you. Twelve months of self-responsibility, a safe chat group, quarterly group events with Honey to help get through the sticky things, and monthly videos along with PDF instructions on how to release all the programming that has kept you from the beauty and freedom that is yourself. Three areas will be addressed: 1. Current Life Traumas 2. Past or Parallel Life Traumas of the Soul 3. Genetic Line Traumas Please buy or find yourself a notebook to start this journey with and remember, you are always loved.


Journey to You, $28.00/month


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