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Raising the Vibration of Seeds with Melina

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Seeds need to be cared for and treated just like a newborn baby. They need constant love and care so the energy exchanged can fulfill the seed's destiny of being all that it can be for its owner. In this 4 part class series, I will teach you how to speak with and raise the vibration of many different medicinal seeds. Unlocking the secret map of your hands through palmistry and moon planting will bring a new meaning to healthy living through vibrational seeds. I will also introduce Magical Herbalism: how to use these seeds together, without planting, to create magical healing rituals. In this course, you will learn about the following seeds: Grandfather Sage Stinging Nettle Rosemary Mugwort Burdock Chamomile Calendula Nasturtium Wormwood Astragalus Skullcap St. John's Wort Thyme Echinacea




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