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Elixir Alchemy & Sacred Space Clearing with Melina

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In this class series, I will be sharing a fun-filled and long-forgotten ancient alchemical practice used by the high priests and priestesses to bring inner peace and well-being. This practice was used to bring darkness to light, by shifting the 4 bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical) within the human to expand into the ascension process. I discuss how I came to work with the element of water to create vibrational essences and sprays and how I use them for a higher soulful purpose. I will teach you how to make these essences and sprays and how to use them for personal use, as well as in your home and throughout your land, which will help move and shift energies that become stagnant, so we can live a more peaceful and harmonious existence with ourselves and nature. Here is the course videos breakdown: Class #1 History of and How to Make a Vibrational Essence from Mother Essence Class #2 How to Turn a Vibrational Essence into a Vibrational Spray with Essential Oils Class #3 How to Clear Your Home and Land Using Vibrational Essences and Sprays BONUS VIDEO How to Make Vibrational Salt Baths




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