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Nutrition & Detox for Ascension with Amelia

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Take back YOUR POWER Here!! Healing your WHOLE Being!  Body Mind  Soul Spirit In this video course, you will explore the following topics:  Video 1 Foundations for Health -Conscious eating -Conscious movement -Body types -Gut brain axis & your nervous system -Pineal gland healing -Your microbiome Video 2 Causes of dis-ease -Emotional connections -Intro to German New Medicine and 5 Biological Laws -Right side/Left Side issues -Trauma/Spiritual Issues/Past life healing -Our relationship with food Video 3 Choosing High Vibrational Foods for YOU! -Where to find your food -Changing vibrations of food/water -Creating the YOU diet using muscle testing, etc Video 4 Healing Modalities in Conjunction with Nutrition -Quantum Healing -Clearing allergies -Learn how to empower you to heal your family! Video 5 Detoxification Protocols (In-Depth + Nanotech) -Detox Pathways -Minerals -Heavy metals -Parasites -Candida -Your home - DNA healing, DNA does not define your health! -MANY other topics Video 6 Daily Energetic Clearing for Health -Move stuck energy OUT -Shielding -Being an empath in our current reality -Ascension symptoms or not? -High vibrations recommendations Amelia Bergman is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and her foundations are based on properly prepared nutrient-dense whole foods as well as the concepts discovered by Weston A. Price and Dr. Pottenger.




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